.​.​.​And My Mind is Restless

by House Olympics

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Our first EP

Cassette tapes soon via Paperweight Records:


released April 6, 2014

Adam - bass/vocals
Adam - drums/vocals
TJ - guitar/vocals

Recorded in one 8 hour session on February 9, 2014 by Lucas Baughman in Muncie, IN. Additional percussion by Lucas Baughman. Thanks, Lucas, we love you!



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House Olympics Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Tossing, Turning, Treading
And my mind is so restless
A twenty year marathon
With no clear cut end in sight
I’ll never fully be prepared

I'm shedding my skin like you shed your hair
And I'm wishing that you didn't compare
Me to myself, and who I was last year
We all need some time to repair

There is no use, in choking myself
With all of these daunting fears
Should I just fall, out of this window?
Or should I shut the drapes?

Good luck finding, condolences, in masks and mirrors
I'm waking up again, I'm jealous of your blind faith

And my mind is so restless
I will never be prepared

They call it a complex
For a reason, you know
Track Name: Everest
Every time I see a van by the side of the road
A three-year disappointment falls on my head.

It breaks my neck. It cracks my skull.
And all that comes out are the thoughts that you won’t hear.
Maybe I should be the one doing the leaving,
Instead of being left behind.

I would be willing to get hit by a car just to knock the sense back into me.
I would be willing to fall off the face of this earth just to find my way back.

The things I would do, the things I would say, do they really matter?

Do they really matter?
Track Name: Super Smashed Bros
As soon as I left, the bottles came undone
Were they waiting for me to leave?
The stories that I know like to point out names
But it’s doubtful that we will change.

Do you think it’s fun, am I the only one,
To expect something more from this?
Everything we knew, everything we lost
We keep moving on, but at what cost?

I don’t want to be on the bathroom floor
At 3 in the morning
So I’ll be the one emptying my head,
It should be about who I am.

The responsibility wears me out.
Like all of your clothes, I’ve seen this all before.
Things have changed so much and far too quickly,
But it’s just my perspective.

Willpower never came so easy.
Willpower never came so freely.